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Kaboombox is a 4 piece Rock and Dance band that can do an entire night of covers, a set of originals, or an intimate acoustic performance. We are able to perform at weddings, corporate events, bars, parties, clubs and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Meet the band!

The Kaboombox-ers!

Chelsea - Lead vocalist

Young and Super talented, Chelsea is a seasoned musician that has a powerful voice as well as an accomlished bassist.

Damien - Bass & Backing Vocals

As veterian of the Hampton Roads music scene, Damien has performed with over 30 local cover bands including Butter, Element, ELT, and many others.

Jimmy -Guitar & Backing Vocals

Coming from parts all over Hampton Roads, Jimmy has performed up and down the East Coast of the USA with various bands and dresses very nice.

Chris - Drums

Chris is a Arizonia State University Drumline Veteran and has toured all over the USA as well as with the Phoenix Suns Entertainment Group. As the newest addition to Kaboombox, he has helped solidify the tightness of the band's lineup.

Our Album


Rip Radio

10 Tracks of music that we wrote and recorded.

  1. 1. Let's Go 01:06
  2. Visions 04:00
  3. Dancing on a Comet 03:44
  4. Final day 03:28
  5. Idle Tales 03:42
  6. Alley Cat 04:27
  7. Tap it 02:06
  8. The Silver Star 04:00
  9. Boss 01:42
  10. Untitled 02:48


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Phone - 757-235-2290
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